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■AdventofAscension1.12 更新の記録 コピペ5 正規版AoA3-3.1・3.1.1・3.1.2


Release date 21 April 2019
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Previous version 3.0
Next version 3.1.1
3.1, also known as the In Your Face update,[1] is a version that was released on 21 April 2019.[2]


The new GUI.
A new gui has been added. This gui can be accessed by pressing the 'Delete' key by default.
The gui contains information about the player's skills, resource systems.
The skills can no longer be made to appear on-screen (the resource systems still can though) and the AoA Noticeboard has been removed.
The gui contains five sections: Player, Bestiary, Leaderboards, Guides and Help.
The Player section shows the player's skills, resource systems, and a portrait. If the world the player is in has no cheating, the player's model appears, otherwise shows a mob model.
The Bestiary section is not implemented.
The Leaderboards section is N/A.
The Guides section gives the player access to various guides that explain how to get started, the skills, etc.
As of this version, all skill guides below Foraging cannot be opened.
The Help section gives a brief description on how to get help and provides official links. The player can also change the gui's theme from this section.
Available themes include: Default, Jungle, Hell, Ancient Ruins.
Mineral blocks
Exist for all ores excluding Runium Chunks and Charged Runium Chunks.
Raw Charger Shank
Charger Shank
Added advancements.
There are currently 232 advancements as of this version.
Custom triggers for custom advancements have been added:
Optional skill - name of skill.
Optional level - skill level.
Optional skill - name of skill.
Optional xp - skill xp, matches value equal to or lower than skill xp amount.
Added a command to level up skills.
Added a command to change and check events.
Added a config to change ore generation rates, a config to change structure generation rates, and a config option to stop mobs from spawning in the Overworld.
Skills are now displayed on a new menu, no longer displayed by pressing 'I'.
Removed Vulcanism.
Vulcanes and revenge icon are still present, no longer do they require a skill.
Resource Systems
Creation (resource) and Soul Power now start with a max cap of 200, which can still be increased by training the Augury skill.
AoA Noticeboard
Information moved to a new menu.
Can no longer be crafted back into 9 Crystallites.

Can no longer be crafted back into 9 Emberstone Ingots.

Extraction Device
Extraction Device's on-state no longer exists as an item, meaning it can no longer be obtained in the inventory.
Can no longer be crafted back into 9 Bloodstones.

Can no longer be crafted back into 9 Skeletal Ingots.


Lightning Staff has a new texture.
Removed Vulcanism Armor.
Removed Vulcanism Master.
Fixed bug where Ancient Golem did not spawn naturally.
Fixed bug where Old Boot was unobtainable through Hauling.
Fixed bug where Purple Automatons dropped the Ancient Cavern Realmstone.
Fixed bug where leaves let the player see through solid blocks.
Fixed a bug that caused Crystevia to randomly hang for long periods of time, preventing the player from taking any action.
Fixed Greatblades not dealing full damage all the time. (Issue 407)
Fixed Erebon Scythe's description not mentioning it steals health from the player if they don't have enough Energy. (Issue 411)
Fixed the same NPCs generating different trades. (Issue 417)
Fixed a bug that allowed players to go to Runandor and Greckon without a Realm Travel Ticket. (Issue 419)
Fixed Celeve Lottoman missing localization. (Issue 422)
Fixed portals sending people back right away on servers. (Issue 466)
Fixed Skydiver's acid spawning right below the player. (Issue 475)
Fixed Magic Mending Solution not repairing on the Mending Table. (Issue 489)
Fixed events being transferred though worlds. (Issue 498)
Fixed Rune Templar spawning Runic Lifeforms on the surface instead of the Runic Room. (Issue 434)
Fixed crash involving Soulscorne. (Issue 516)
Fixed Ancient Altar failing to consume shyrestone/gem ingots unless it's a success. (Issue 517)
The following bugs were listed as fixed but actually weren't
Fixed bug where Creeponia ores did not generate. (Issue 414)



Added 18 new advancements.
Blast Resistant
His Bigger, Badder Brother
I Like The Boom
Nethengeic Deliverance
Nethengeic Shutdown
Overkill, Schmoverkill
Winner, Winner!
Party Time!
Living On The Edge
Should Be A Plumber
Should Be A Mechanic
Activated My Trap Card
Added missing title and description for 200 IQ advancement
Added some failover checks for event deactivations in the event of servers skipping ticks
Added some additional checks for account legitimacy for accuracy

Added the cooking recipe for charger shanks

Changes[edit | edit source]
General[edit | edit source]
Changed help tab gui link to chinese wiki if on chinese language
Cleaned up the event names a bit in the aoaevent command feedback
Changed tribute and event reset for overworld to on wake up instead of on sleep
Hid in-game resource GUI while in spectator mode
Improved appearance and eliminated artifacts for various texts while using a unicode font
Blocks[edit | edit source]
Crystallanium, Emberium, Skeletanium, and Shadonantium no longer work as beacons
Mobs[edit | edit source]
Changed up Amphibiyte pathfinding a bit to hopefully fix a few issues
Gave Corallus' projectiles just a little bit more speed

Fixed Actually Half Way There advancement not completing
Fixed extraction device acting weird with placing blocks when it's lit
Fixed yet another issue blocking creeponia ores from spawning
Fixed yet another bug with Mechbot causing him to not jump
Fixed Radiant Pixon dropping Blooming Infusion Stones
Fixed clicking on the scrollbar in the guides tab opening a topic
Fixed not being able to click on guides low on the list
Fixed incorrect completion percentage for creation and soul in the ingame gui
Fixed mob overhead icons going dark when looking down on them
Fixed cutoff text on Used Dragon Rage advancement
Fixed theme button initially showing 'default' instead of 'Default' when first opening
Fixed /aoaevent giving errors and failing
Fixed missing usage text for /aoaskill removelevel
Further fixed some event timing stuff (Github issue #586)


Previous version 3.1.1
Next version 3.1.2.a
3.1.2 was a semi-major update that was released on the 19th May 2019.[1] It added Beastiary and also fixed bugs.

Additions[edit | edit source]
Blocks[edit | edit source]
Added all ore blocks to the ore dictionary. This should enable passive compatibility with any ore/smelting mod (like tinkers)
Guis[edit | edit source]
Added guides pages for each of the overworld events
Added the bestiary tab! Kill AoA creatures to unlock their entry in the bestiary, giving access to little bits of lore and their stats
Added configurable positions and layouts for the resources gui.
Choose between any of the four corners of the screen, and whether you'd prefer horizontal or vertical display.
Added a configuration gui for all config options in the mod (accessible through the mods menu)
Added an extraction guide
Advancements[edit | edit source]
Added 3 new advancements:
'My Precious' advancement
'Immovable Object' advancement
'The Almighty Touch' advancement

Other[edit | edit source]
Added halos. These are special floaty-things that sit nicely above your head and give off a pretty glow. They are reserved for people of stature within AoA.
Currently, halos are available for: Donators, Super Donators, Active Wiki Editors.

Changes[edit | edit source]
Guis[edit | edit source]
Removed xp required from player tab when max level reached
Increased granularity of resources icons, cleaned up their rendering quite a lot
Changed up the config options for the resource gui - allows more default customisation
If the TopRight option is used, the resource gui will now automatically lower when potion effects are present
Improved culling in the guides tab.
Changed download link in help tab to go to the chinese wiki if on a chinese language
Stopped boss health bars from appearing when bosses are renderer outside of the world
Players can now close the advent main gui with the same button they used to open it
Re-implemented XP Particles. Now with a new look that makes it easier to see, and will also help indicate when you get a level up
Items[edit | edit source]
Changed cannonball recipe to shaped
Corrected name of Haunter Rifle Totem
Removed unholster time for thrown weapons
Blocks[edit | edit source]
Renamed coloured crystal ores to gemstone ores, fixed them dropping crystals instead of gemstones
Removed luminosity from crystevia crystal blocks.
Mobs[edit | edit source]
Added charger shank drop to sea chargers
Swapped event requirements for Terrestrial and Irkling
Removed obulon drop from Irkling, gave it moonstone and soul banner drops
Stopped Scrubbies inexplicably attacking villagers (Github suggestion #656)
Adjusted Zal Grocer 64 steak trade to make sense.
Adjusted Lottoman gem bag trade to make sense.
Corrected missing bow immunity for Pinchers
Made bloodlusts no longer collide with other entities
Textures[edit | edit source]
Cleaned up the energy resource icon
Cleaned up the expedition skill icon
Cleaned up the runation skill icon
Replaced goofy shovel and soulstone shovel textures so they look like shovels (Github issue #418)
Replaced Supremacy Sword texture
Misc[edit | edit source]
Removed legacy checks for old config entries. With the creation of the config gui.
Mobs will no longer spawn on 'smooth' stone variants (andesite smooth, etc)
The jar file is now signed
The mod will now require a minimum of Forge

Fixes[edit | edit source]
Fixed being able to set unusual amounts of xp and levels with /aoaskill (Github issue #616)
Fixed issue causing weird lighting issues when mobs with special properties are nearby
Fixed up loose gl pointer when rendering transparent mobs
Fixed incorrectly swapped baron armour descriptions
Fixed 'staffs' in runation armour description
Fixed runic armour incorrectly stating it gives a 5-heart shield
Fixed incorrectly swapped baron armour descriptions
Fixed 'staffs' in runation armour description
Fixed runic armour incorrectly stating it gives a 5-heart shield
Fixed holly top crop texture not appearing correctly (Github issue #218)
Fixed issue where skeletal and necro armour didn't have textures on the bottom of the player's feet
Fixed withering lottomen not spawning
Fixed spawn rate of sasquatch
Fixed Elusive spawning in weird locations
Fixed Spearmint Slug dropping red candy instead of green (Github issue #655)
Fixed crystal extension shrine only giving 1 essence per crystal
Fixed dirt blocks not taking shovels into account when being broken (Github issue #627)
Fixed mending table causing issues when placing blocks on it
Fixed very high levels of recharge causing weird energy levels
Fixed blasters sometimes lowering durability during charge time
Fixed being able to fire blasters after the item should normally have disappeared
Fixed Elecanyte armour not properly checking for physical damage (Github issue #644)
Fixed Exoplate armour not properly checking for physical damage (Github issue #644)
Fixed Hydroplate armour crashing the game (Github issue #651)
Fixed mecha skellox slab only giving 4000 xp on sacrifice
Fixed archaic armour not checking for cooldowns
Fixed archaic armour not working on flying mobs
Fixed candlefire sword doing more damage than it states (Github issue #638)
Fixed bug where clicking above the guides tab while scrolled down caused a window to open
Fixed guides tab not changing language with the rest of mc without a restart

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