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■AdventofAscension1.12 更新の記録 コピペ3 AoA3-Snapshot 8・9・10


AoA3-Snapshot 8

AoA3-Snapshot 8 is the sixth testing snapshot for the 3.0 update. It was released on 9 December 2018.[1] It is the first snapshot for 3.0 that contains dimensions.
It can be downloaded here.
Issues in the snapshot can be reported on the Github issues page.
IMPORTANT: If the player is updating from a previous snapshot, then the player should delete their aoa3.cfg file before playing this snapshot. Failure to do so will likely cause the game to crash. It is also recommended that the player updates to the latest recommended version of forge for 1.12.2.
Disclaimer: The snapshot is intended to be a testing snapshot, it is by no means a beta.

Additions[edit | edit source]
Dimensions[edit | edit source]
All dimensions as of Tslat 1.1.3 have been added.
Dimension generation is mostly complete baring some bugs.
Mobs and NPCs are not present. Structures with NPCs in them do not have their NPCs as of this snapshot.
Dimension specific biomes such as Marshmallow Hills have been temporarily removed, due to biome ID limit issues and inter-biome borders. They will return in future versions.
Weather has been removed except clear.
Blocks[edit | edit source]
Added all statues and banners as of Tslat 1.1.3.
Added grey and golden statues for The Immortals, Baroness, MechBot, and Tyrosaur.
Added ornate statues - statues that are colored the same as the boss they correspond to.
Ornate statues are currently hidden from Just Enough Items and have no known crafting recipe. However, they can be obtained through /give: e.g. /give <player> aoa3:ornate_<bossName>_statue
Items[edit | edit source]
Added Arcworm spawn egg.
Entities[edit | edit source]
Added Arcworm.
Arcworms move at very high speeds and clone themselves on death in the snapshot. It has been confirmed that this is not intended for final release, and is only an easter egg for Snapshot-8.[2]

Changes[edit | edit source]
Dimensions[edit | edit source]
Trees in various dimensions generate more commonly. In some cases, the trees are cut off, leaving floating blocks in the air.
Dustopia has fewer trees.
Biomes other than the main dimension biome are not present.
Lunalus no longer has a bedrock/water layer.
Every planet in lunalus contains an orb inside it.
Creeponia has normal caves instead of its own caves. This is a confirmed to be unintentional.[3]
There are no ores or creep crystals in the creeponia underground. This is a confirmed bug.[4]
The primordial village structure in dustopia is now made of darkwash bricks.
Precasia has less plants generating on the surface.
The Haven and Celeve
The islands of the haven and celeve are bigger than before.
Portals[edit | edit source]
Portals that generate in a dimension (that the player uses to leave the dimension) have some changes:
The size of the portal inside the frame was changed from 2x3 to 3x4.
Portals will now generate on top of the ground, instead of partially inside it.
All portals will now generate a platform under them if they spawn in mid-air or on the edge of a cliff. Portals will also try to not spawn at the edge of a cliff.
The Ancient Cavern and Immortallis portals have remained unchanged.
Exiting a portal now plays a sound.
The portal in Creeponia is now made out of Creeponian bricks instead of gravel.
When entering Runandor, a portal to the abyss generates instead of a Runandor one. This is a confirmed bug.[5]
Dimension exit portals now link to the dimension they came from. For instance if a Shyrelands portal is placed in the abyss and entered, exiting the shyrelands through the return portal will lead to the abyss.
Saving and reloading makes the game "lose" the dimension where it came from. In the above example, saving/reloading in the Shyrelands would result in the exit portal leading to the Overworld instead of back to the Abyss. This is a confirmed bug.
Blocks[edit | edit source]
Boss statues
Now have a new orientation in the inventory.
Now have brand new textures.
Grey and golden Skelepig, Skele-Hopper, Skeleman, and Skele-Elder statues removed.
Now have an item texture.
Now make a cloth sound when placed.
Now are fleshed with the walls that they are placed against.
If not placed against a wall, will have a stand to hold it up.
Several banners have texture changes.
Items[edit | edit source]
Gem Bag
No longer drops dungeon tokens.
Moved to Advent Food tab.
Texture changes[edit | edit source]
Blocks[edit | edit source]
The following blocks have received new textures:
Bulb Stock
Eye Bulb Plant
Items[edit | edit source]
The following items have received new textures:
Red Rocket
Purple Punisher
Hive Chunk
Strange Stones
Diamond Bowl
Stone Bowl
Eye Bulb
Eye Candy
All scythes

Fixes[edit | edit source]
Fixed a bug where the mineralization table would randomly look like a whitewash table when placed.
Fixed a bug where trying to spawn a boss on peaceful difficulty displays two messages instead of one.
Fixed a bug where the pickmax could be used to mine up boss altars and other unbreakable blocks.
Fixed a bug where minion slabs fail message was broken.
Fixed a bug where the following spawners are breakable: Reaver, Urioh, Goldum, Skelekyte, Skeledon, Goldus, Shavo, Fenix, Ghatus, Visage, and Urv.


AoA3-Snapshot 9

is the seventh testing snapshot for the 3.0 update. It was released on 24 December 2018,[1] and was re-uploaded on the same day to fix a crash caused by Innervation.[2]

It can be downloaded here.

Issues in the snapshot can be reported on the Github issues page.

IMPORTANT: If the player is updating from Snapshot 7 or older, then they should delete their .minecraft/config/aoa3.cfg file before playing this snapshot. Failure to do so will likely cause the game to crash.

It is also recommended that the player updates to the latest recommended version of Forge for 1.12.2 (which is, and sets the logCascadingWorldGeneration option in the forge.cfg file to false to avoid excessive lag.

Disclaimer: The snapshot is intended to be a testing snapshot; it is by no means a beta.

Added the ability to train the following skills:
Added Anima
Added Butchery
Added Creation
Added Expedition
Added Extraction
Added Forgaing
Added Hauling
Added Infusion
Added Innvervation
Added Logging
Added Runation
Added Tribute.
Currently only works in the Overworld.
Added grey, gold, and ornate statues for Hydrolisk.
Added spawn eggs for all pixons and slab minions.
The following have been added to 1.12.2:
All pixons
All slab minions.
Lotto idol entity from lottery totems.
New command: aoastructure
Used to spawn in structures from the mod.
/aoastructure list can be used to generate a list of structure names in the chat.
/aoastructure <Structure> x y z to spawn in a structure.
<Structure> is the name of the structure.
x,y,z, are the coordinates of the structure.
Coordinates must be actual coordinates, ~ does not work.
Lands of Runandor

No longer generates foliage. This is unintentional.

Now generates more trees.

Now generates larger more connected caves.

Changes to harvesting stones from pixons:

The process has been made smoother (i.e. pixons are almost instantly harvested when right clicked).
Pixons now run away from the player while being harvested.
Players in Creative mode can now harvest any pixon regardless of level.
Minion Slabs
Failure message now only displays in survival mode.
Failure message is broken.
Minions can be spawned in creative regardless of level.
All totem items can be used to spawn in their respective lottery idols as of this snapshot.
Extraction tools
All extraction tools have their level requirements again.
Artistry armors
All artistry armors have their level requirements again.
Holding a piece of artistry armor in your hand will cause it to drop to the ground/move to another inventory space, just like with the extraction tools.
Lotto Idols
The idols spawned in by the lottery totems are now merged into a single id.
An idol that drops nothing as its grand prize can be spawned with /summon aoa3:lotto_idol.
Texture Changes
The following items have received new textures:


Coral Stone
Voliant Heart
All Small Pellets
Footbone Fragment
Haunted Idol
Heavy Boulder
Nethengic Callstone
Primordial Skull
Magic Mending Compound
Jungle Horns

Skull Blaster
Discharge Rifle
Discharge Sniper
Discharge Shotgun
Apoco Rifle
Fixed Goofy tools sometimes not working as intended. (issue 147)
Fixed an Abyss portal generating instead of a Runandor portal when traveling to Runandor. (issue 149)
Fixed Creeponia ores not generating underground. (issue 156)
Fixed spawning in the portal frame and in the ground below the portal. (issue 167)
Fixed event sounds not playing when an event occurs or it becomes nighttime.
Fixed Illusion Trees spawning in Runandor.
Fixed Greckon and Runador portal being sideways in Mysterium.
Fixed Tyrosaur Statue sound not playing.
Fixed Emberstone Ore not generating.
Fixed Shyre Clouds generating in Craexxeus Tower.
Fixed Pink Coral and Guardian Altar's names being broken.


AoA3-Snapshot 10

Added the ability to train the following skills:

Added almost every mob in the Overworld except Anemia, Stinger, Modulo, Nightfly and Pincher.

Embrake is also added.

Added Smash.
Smash's music doesn't play.
Corallus isn't present.
Now the red and green swords symbol on the top of hunter mobs are now split up into 2 symbols:

2 Green Swords means you have the correct level.
2 Red Swords means you don't have the right level.
Now generates less coral.

Now generates foliage again.
Ancient teleporter
Now displays text when activated.
Now plays the portal sound when activated with a realmstone while being built correctly.
Portal can now be changed without breaking the previous one.

The new design for the guardian's tower (spawned in the overworld using commands).
Guardian's tower
The guardian's tower structure has received an overhaul:
Completely new structure.
Inside of structure contains multiple levels that can traversed by staircases going up and down.
Entrance is at the bottom.
Spawners for Volar, Seeker, Surveyor, and Automaton exist on several floors of the tower.
A room with some chests exists as well.
The chests are empty.
A ladder on the top level takes the player up to the roof, where a guardian altar can be found.
Declogging Table
Now places a sound when used.
Now gives the non-waterlogged version of the waterlogged weapon when used on it.
Deep Case
No longer drops itself when mined.
Iro Crate
Now drops its loot when mined.
Mending Table
Now plays a sound when used.
Shoe flingers made from the mending table now function properly.
Erebon Scythe
Now applies wither when the target is on fire. (Currently doesn't work properly).
Primordial Armor
Full set bonus was changed to give full immunity to the wither effect.
Big mobs have gotten smaller. This is unintentional.[2]
More mobs have pathfinding.
All mobs now target minions by default.
You now have to kill the mobs by yourself to get rare drops.[3] Currently doesn't work on most mobs.
Hunter mobs
All hunter mobs no longer display a chat message when attacked.
Using ~ in place of coordinates now functions like in other commands.
Texture changes
Weapon Parts
Gun Immunity, Explosion Immunity and Potion Immunity mob attributes
Fixed Augury not leveling up.
Fixed Pixons and Bloodlust ignoring the /kill command. (Issue 207)
Fixed a slight misalignment in partially-filled resource bars. (Issue 208)
Fixed Deep Case dropping itself when mined. (Issue 197)
Fixed a duplication glitch involving placing Extraction tools or Artistry armor in the offhand. (Issue 196).
Fixed Cascading Gen in the dimensions.

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